Below is part of the rubber we carry.  Visit or call our Centre for full range.
Butterfly Tenergy 05

This is the first rubber to feature Butterfly's new “Spring Sponge”. Spring Sponge feels hard yet its new technology allows it to hold the ball on the racket longer. Tenergy 05 combines this new explosive sponge with a new tensioned top-sheet with maximum surface grip. The result is a rubber that produces massive amounts of spin on serves and topspin drives. Tenergy is also one of the fastest most explosive rubbers in our line. Tenergy will keep its speed throughout the life of the rubber without need for any special treatments.

Speed: 13 Spin: 11.5 Density: 36

Butterfly Tenergy 64

Fast attacking version of the TENERGY family. TENERGY 64 is the fastest attacking rubber of the TENERGY family; the No. 64 being the development code of the pimples used in producing this reversed rubber. BUTTERFLY High Tension technology has enabled a fast dynamic rubber to be produced by utilizing the innovative SPRING SPONGE. SPRING SPONGE enables a player to "grip" the ball and "catapult" the return back at high speed and with heavy spin.

TENERGY 05 is recommended for playing close to the table; TENERGY 64 is for the attacker who plays for the offensive play in a middle distance.

Speed: 13.5  Spin: 10.5  Density: 36

Double Fish 820A

Type: Short Pips.
Speed: 12/12
Spin: 10/12
Control: 8/12.
Donic Coppa JO Gold

Speed: 10+
Spin: 10+
Control: 5
Character: Spin-Elastic
Hardness: medium

The Rubber has in-built speed glueing effect- The sound and feel is similar to speed glueing, giving a very good performance.

Donic Coppa JO Platin

Control: 5+
Character: Spin-Elastic
Hardness: Medium

COPPA JO PLATIN is definitely the fastest and spiniest rubber in the FORMULA DONIC series with incorporated speed glue effect. COPPA JO PLATIN develops extreme dynamics when playing slightly off from the table.
 Double Happiness Hurricane 3 NEO 

The new NEO Hurricane Rubbers have been produced for, and tested by, the Chinese National team to counteract the Speed Glue ban. Powerful "NEO"  sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special glutinosity could create stable and high speed arc, improve the scoring ability of players. Neo Hurricance 3 has a high speed and low fast loop, changeful arc, stronger spin.

Fitted play: Control/Loop