Combi Cleaner

This rubber cleaner features a built-in sponge at the tip for easy application


 Cure Water

Cure Water is a non-toxic, non-flammable cleaner that returns the rubber surface to its natural tacky state. The pump feature allows for better placement and more control of your cleaner.

Size: 150ml
Packun Care Sponge

Packun Care Sponge is a sponge wiper attached to hard plastic case for use with rubber cleaners. Keeps your hands and bag clean.
    Free Chack

Free Chack Glue is completely free from organic solvents and made from 100% Liquidized natural caoutchouc (natural rubber). After a short drying period, it sticks the sponge and the blade surface together perfectly. It is also very easy to remove the rubber from the blade and to peel off the remaining glue from the sponge.

Rubber Care Sponge

Rubber Care Sponge is a sponge wiper for rubber cleaners. Blue side is dense. The softer yellow side is best suited for use with foam cleaners like Rubber Soap.
Side Tape - Urethane

0.45 mm thick urethane backing provides the best side tape protection available for your racket's edge. More control than Power Tape. One roll is enough for one racket.

Size: 10 mm wide, 50 cm long
Rubber Grip

Rubber Grips add thickness and comfort to your racket handle. Prevents slippage.