Below is part of the blades we carry. Visit or call our Centre for full range.
Butterfly Innerforce ZLC
Shakehand Blade

The Innerforce ZL Carbon blade combines the speed and flexibility of ZL Fiber and the stability of Carbon Fiber. The result is a powerhouse blade. The Carbon Fibers in this blade provide the feel that power players enjoy and the ZL Fibers add a little flexibility, which increases the dwell time of the ball on the rackets. The Innerforce ZL Carbon will help you bring out your own "Innerforce" in the game.

9.9   Control: 7.8
Feel: Hard    Weight: 88g

Butterfly  Iolite Neo
Shakehand Blade

The Iolite Neo is a new take on our classic "Iolite" that has been the favorite of many top U.S. juniors over the years. The Neo is a light weight blade with a compact thick head which can produce great speed for blocks and kills. This new version of the Iolite has a slightly softer feel and a new more comfortable handle. The Iolite Neo is sure to please everyone looking for a close to the table, fast attack blade.

Speed: 9.6    Control: 7.0
Feel: Soft      Weight: 82g

Bufferfly Korbel Speed
Shakehand Blade

The Korbel Speed has all the feel and great topspin capabilities of the classic Petr Korbel with just a touch more speed. Match this blade with our new Sriver G3 or Tenergy rubbers and you have a topspinner's dream racket.

Speed: 8.2      Control: 7.6
Feel: Medium   Weight: 82g
Yinhe W-5

Provides a good balance between control and power for mid-distance loopers

Speed: 9      Control: 9
Weight: 85±3g
Plys: 3 ply wood, 2ply carbon 
Thickness: 5.8mm

Yinhe Earth 5

Suitable for long table loop and quick attack
Speed: 9      Control: 8
Weight: 85±3g
Plys: 5         Thickness: 6.0mm